Screen Fatigue: the Catalyst for Sustainable Creativity

  • David Schwarz
  • HUSH

Screen Fatigue: the Catalyst for Sustainable Creativity

​ It’s finally here – and you knew it was coming. As we reach the point of Singularity in computer intelligence, we are also approaching the threshold of experiential maximalism. Perceptually, there’s almost no more resolution to be gained, almost no more fidelity to be squeezed out.

​At the upper thresholds of immersive experience, there is some fun to be had, for sure. But, against the wider context of our world’s most pressing themes, and the array of audiences interested in more nuanced experiences, there is vast creative opportunity. This is where we can develop a more responsible, sustainable AND creative design canon. This space isn’t hinged to technological leaps in resolution or “immersiveness,” but rather to balance and beauty and impact.

​In this talk, we’re going to look over the edge of the immersive chasm, and perhaps take a step back.

David Schwarz is an award-winning creative leader and founding partner of HUSH, an experience design firm based in New York. David has spent his career designing experiences that integrate architecture, brand storytelling and technology for some of the largest organizations in the world. Since co-founding HUSH sixteen years ago, he has developed numerous projects across consumer technology, sport, luxury, financial services and biotech categories, most notably for: Meta, Barclays, Uber, Google, Nike, Sonos, United Therapeutics, among other industry leading organizations.