Sensing Futures: Designing for Multi-Sensory Interfaces

  • Emilie Baltz
  • Immersive Experience Director and Artist

Sensing Futures: Designing for Multi-Sensory Interfaces

Emilie Baltz, immersive artist and creative director,  walks through how multisensory design can be used in creating interfaces for creating more human-centric engagement. Drawing from her work in interactive technology, immersive museum exhibitions and Lickable Ice Cream orchestras!, this talk delights, educates and inspires new modalities for experience design.


About Emilie Baltz
Emilie Baltz is an immersive experience director and artist who explores how the human senses work together to craft perception and meaning.

​Best known for her delightful, innovative work in food & technology, Emilie uses food as a medium (and metaphor) for designing multisensory experiences. With 20+ years of work in design, performance, events, hospitality, technology and new media, her fluency as a leader across diverse creative industries successfully embraces both analogue and digital experience.

Her expertise lies in using the 5 senses to tell stories that deepen engagement through embodiment; inspiring wonder through invention; and fostering world-class teamwork through play. Her work has been featured in the Museum of the Future in Dubai, NEW MUSEUM, IDFA DocLab, Sundance New Frontiers, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Liberty Science Center, Museum of Sex, as well as supported by patrons, brands and communities that believe that art, design and imagination can be used to positively transform society from the inside, out.

She presently is a Creative Director for Digital Experience Design at Gensler, the world’s largest architecture firm, where she explores how immersive experience and integrated technology can transform the human relationship to space.