Help for Humans, The Real Time Internet & the Age of Comprehension

  • Jared Ficklin
  • argodesign

Help for Humans, The Real Time Internet & the Age of Comprehension

​Soon, AI will not only create images of the Pope at Burning Man but actual running apps. This has many potential impacts, the least of which is ridding us of ad-supported apps.

​The transition is under way now and marks the start of a new era of computing: The Real-time Internet. In this session, let’s discuss the future changes this sea change will bring: Intelligent Appliances, The Age of Comprehension & the assurance that technology amplifies rather than emulates.

​​With real-world examples, futurism & humor, this is a resonant discussion about GAI’s potential positive impact on humanity.

​​About Jared
Jared Ficklin, Chief Creative Technologist at argodesign, is a designer and technologist with two decades of experience creating products and visions for major companies. An innovator by nature, he is always exploring new means for technological interaction, with a passion for unique interaction models. For his previous work integrating technology into the design process at frog design, Jared was named one of 4 frog fellows. He has contributed to the visions, strategy, intellectual property, and products of clients including HP, Microsoft, AT&T, LG, SanDisk, Motorola, CognitiveScale, and Magic Leap. He speaks internationally as a creative technologist and futurist.