Simulating the Future: New Metaverse Forecasts

  • Leah Zaidi
  • Multiverse Design

Simulating the Future: New Metaverse Forecasts

The metaverse has been heralded as the future of everything, yet surprisingly few are using strategic worldbuilding and foresight to make sense of these coming threats and opportunities. ​

Metaverse technologies have the power to change many aspects of our lives and world, from how we govern to how we entertain ourselves to how we tackle the world’s greatest challenges. Simulations allow us to create and manipulate “virtual atoms,” paving the way for new paradigms, economies, and ways of being human. ​

How might simulations transform society? ​

This presentation introduces new possibilities for the metaverse from our latest report, ‘Simulating the Future.’ It will take you to the edge of what’s emerging to redefine reality and the futures we might inhabit.