Marion Carré

AI Innovations for Enhancing Cultural Engagement

  • Marion Carré
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AI Innovations for Enhancing Cultural Engagement

​In an era where the intersection of technology and culture forms the cornerstone of audience engagement, our session dives into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence within cultural institution

This session explores groundbreaking AI applications that redefine interaction with cultural heritage. Through real-world examples, we’ll discuss how AI tools not only streamline operations but also significantly enhance visitor engagement and accessibility.

​The talk aims to equip cultural professionals with the knowledge to leverage AI, fostering a future where technology and culture coalesce to create enriched, inclusive, and dynamic visitor experiences.

​About Marion Carré
Marion is an accomplished entrepreneur and a visionary at the crossroads of art and artificial intelligence, holding pivotal roles including the co-founder of Ask Mona and a key educator at Sciences Po and the Sorbonne. Her efforts have fortified partnerships with premier cultural venues such as the Louvre, blending AI with cultural access.

​Her literary and artistic endeavors, including notable publications and exhibitions in Europe, delve into the dynamics between technology and art. These contributions, coupled with her role as a keynote speaker, underscore her influence in shaping the discourse on art and AI.

​Marion’s accolades, including Forbes 30 Under 30 and the Medal of Honor from Paris, alongside her commitment to nurturing future talents and promoting cultural industries, highlight her stature as a distinguished advocate for the integration of technology in the arts and culture sector.