Marriott International's Guiding Principles in Experience Design

  • Naomi Clare Crellin
  • Storycraft Lab

Marriott International's Guiding Principles in Experience Design

Marriott International partnered with Storycraft Lab to create the ‘Guiding Principles in Experience Design’ report, the outcome of a year-long study.

The report includes global perspectives and identifies 6 truths – not trends – that will shape the future of experience design. ​Exploring Identities, Emotional Data, Designing Belonging, Architecting Choice, The Value of Values and The Power of Play – these are all concepts that will be driving design strategy innovations in 2023 and beyond. ​

About Naomi Clare Crellin

Naomi Clare Crellin is an Experience Strategist and Designer who is passionate about using empathy to power enterprise in the events we create. She is CEO and founder of Storycraft Lab, an Experiential Engagement agency with expertise in audience design and strategic development. ​

With Storycraft Lab, she consults with organizations such as Google, NASA, Intel, Marriott and more, on projects from product launches to pop-ups, education to enablement, creative and content strategy. ​

Naomi is adjunct faculty at NYU teaching engagement strategy in the Event Management MA program – and is an artist whose work has been displayed as far afield as the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin. Mom to Theo and Penny, Naomi’s happy place is in the mountains, hiking with her family.