Designing and Evaluating Experiences in the Enterprise

  • Ryan Howard
  • Google

Designing and Evaluating Experiences in the Enterprise

Enterprises, like Google, use a wide range of immersive experiences to engage employees, customers, and partners. ​However, there are significant challenges in measuring the value and success of these experiences which limit their potential impact. ​

Ryan Howard will introduce the ExPo framework, a new system for designing and evaluating immersive experiences – especially when there isn’t an ROI framed in lead generation or revenue. Overall, Ryan will address the methodologies Google develops to create world-class experience design from within a giant global corporation. ​

About Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard is co-lead of Google Experience Institute, a Google-led initiative that includes external partnerships focused on researching, developing, and advocating for better event and experience futures. In his primary technology role, he leads a portfolio of highly scalable experience design and delivery strategies tailored to the enterprise environment, including an range of innovative strategies that span design frameworks, analytic frameworks, platforms, and wearables. Before joining Google, he worked on similar initiatives at Goldman Sachs and across the broadcast, experiential, and audiovisual industries.