Thinking in Public

  • Wendy Evans Joseph
  • Studio Joseph

Thinking in Public

Design is not mute. It has a voice based on the distinct narrative of its place and meaning. My work involves interrogating history, social bonding, and respecting our planet. Design emerges from one transportive spatial experience based on a unique spirit, the soul of the project. This means looking deeper behind what is needed to understand why. My goal is to find missing voices by bringing people together to learn, experience art, and think. The process is part of the solution. The journey will determine the destination.

​About Wendy
Wendy Evans Joseph is the founder of Studio Joseph, an architecture and experience design firm based in New York City. Under her leadership, the studio has completed a diverse array of public, institutional, and cultural projects with a firm commitment to addressing cultural disparities and fostering community learning. Studio Joseph is at the cutting edge of work that brings together media-driven interactive experiences and spatial design, resulting in vibrant spaces for gathering, learning, and discovery.”

Her work maintains a critical awareness of the social imperatives that empower successful community initiatives. We believe in juxtaposing boldly designed moments for public discourse with more intimate spaces for personal exploration and reflection. We have learned that architecture cannot be thought of solely in physical terms—-it needs a soul, a driving spirit, and a welcoming, purposeful identity that comes only from deep engagement with content, context, and broader social values.

​Wendy is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), an Academician of the National Academy of Design, and a Fellow of the Society of Experiential Graphic Designers. She is a Rome Prize Fellow in Architecture. As a leader in the profession Wendy has been the President of the Architectural League of New York, Chair of the AIA National Committee of Design, and President of the New York AIA.