Past Events

Brent Bushnell
June 12 2024

Downloadable Theme Parks: Painting Places with Pixels

Brent Bushnell
Co-Founder, Chairman
June 6 2024

Behind the Magic Door

Arik Lubkin
Chief Design Officer & Head of Creative
May 30 2024

Vision for Visionaries: Design in AR

Joel Krieger
Magic Leap
May 23 2024

Spaces of Communication

Lynn Kiang
Salvadore Dali
May 16 2024

Experiential Innovation at the Dali Museum

Beth Harrison, The Dali Museum
Shan Jin, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
May 9 2024

Taking Spatial Beyond the Headset

Shawn Frayne
Looking Glass
May 2 2024

Designing Calm Technology

Amber Case
Calm Tech Institute
April 26 2024

Architectural World Building With Generative AI

Architectural Visualization with Midjourney and RunwayML
April 25 2024

The Brighton Park Birdsong Commons

Jer Thorpe
Data Artist
April 18 2024

Living in the In-Between : Blending Physical and Digital

Zander Brimijoin
Red Paper Heart
Heather Gallagher
April 11 2024

From Party to Paradigm Shift: A Burning Man Masterclass on Transformative Experiences

Heather Gallagher
Ex-Burning Man
Jared Ficklin, Chief Creative Technologist and Founding Partner at argodesign
April 4 2024

Help for Humans, The Real Time Internet & the Age of Comprehension

Jared Ficklin
March 26 2024

AI Innovations for Enhancing Cultural Engagement

Marion Carré
Ask Mona
March 21 2024

Unlocking Web3 Innovation for Museums

Diane Drubay
We Are Museums
March 14 2024

Mindful Creativity: Using Data, Science and Art to Meet People Where They Are

Elina Brown
Tucker Viemeister
March 7 2024

Re-Inventing Industrial Design

Tucker Viemeister
Industrial Design Legend
Mary Franck
February 29 2024

7 Tricks for Environmental Media Design

Mary Franck
February 21 2024

Thinking in Public

Wendy Evans Joseph
Studio Joseph
February 15 2024

Innovation Makes Art Matter for All

Jane Alexander
Cleveland Museum of Art
February 1 2024

Designing for the 4th Dimension

Carla Diana
January 25 2024

Two years of Adventures with Generative AI

Henry Daubrez
January 11 2024

Novel Authenticity: Fusing Tradition and New Experiences in Museum Exhibitions

Chris Weisbart
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
December 14 2023

Screen Fatigue: the Catalyst for Sustainable Creativity

David Schwarz
Takashi Kudo
November 30 2023

Art by teamLab

Takashi Kudo
November 22 2023

Gen AI: Towards a More Humanistic, Less Technical Approach in Architecture

Hassan Ragab
Interdisciplinary Designer/ Conceptual Artist
November 16 2023

Designing for Impact

L’Rai (Arthur-Mensah) Mathis
Local Projects
November 2 2023

Code as Canvas: Three decades in digital art

John F Simon Jr.
Pioneering Digital Artist
October 26 2023

Marriott International's Guiding Principles in Experience Design

Naomi Clare Crellin
Storycraft Lab
October 19 2023

Designing Design - Centering Community, Dignity, and Radical Possibilities

Nu Goteh
Room for Magic
October 12 2023

Sensing Futures: Designing for Multi-Sensory Interfaces

Emilie Baltz
Immersive Experience Director and Artist
September 21 2023

Anything is Popsicle

Dominick Gokgoz
Museum of Ice Cream
August 30 2023

Designing and Evaluating Experiences in the Enterprise

Ryan Howard
August 17 2023

Immersive Storytelling for Real and Imagined Worlds

Margaret Kerrison
July 27 2023

AI & The Post-Photography Era

Michael Christopher Brown
July 13 2023

Simulating the Future: New Metaverse Forecasts

Leah Zaidi
Multiverse Design
June 29 2023

Beyond the Creative Singularity

Jesse Damiani
Nxt Museum
June 13 2023

Why AR is the Inevitable Future of Commerce

Neil Redding
Auki Labs
June 7 2023

Experiments in Generative Storytelling

Lance Weiler
Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab
May 10 2023

Keeping it Up: Exhibiting Sustainably

Sundar Raman
Museum Of The Future
May 4 2023

Hollywood Fiction to Near-Future Immersive

David Sheldon-Hicks
Territory Studio
April 26 2023

Art, Beanie Babies, and NFTs

Mieke Marple
Artist and Writer
April 20 2023

From Passive to Participatory: AI's Role in Museum Engagement

Ann Neumann
MIT Museum
March 30 2023

Connecting People with Places Using Augmented Reality

Tom Emrich