About Futurespaces

Futurespaces delves into contemporary experience design, with a specific focus on how innovations in design and technology can meaningfully enhance human connection.

Founded and led by Josh Goldblum (Bluecadet x Artwrld) Futurespaces offers live webinars and in-person experiences that provide valuable insights into the creative process of creating experiences. Speakers include thought leaders and practitioners from the world’s most inspiring brands – from major museums, technology brands, themed entertainment, immersive theatre and location based entertainment.

We offer live webinars, courses and in-person tours.

Operating with a balanced approach of exploration and pragmatic optimism, our goal is to foster a community of passionate creators dedicated to crafting spaces that are engaging, equitable and interesting.

Want to get in touch, suggest a speaker, discuss sponsorship, etc, feel free to email: josh@futurespaces.com